Extra Curricular Activities (“The Other Side of a Student Life”)
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  • GURUKUL grooms, nurtures and develops its students beyond academics. GURUKUL offers a wide range of creative activities. Our curriculum is endowed and made fascinating by encouraging and involving the students in multifarious activities such as singing, dancing, coloring, drawing, yoga, taekwondo etc.. Under annual well designed “Co-curricular Activities Plan” students actively participate in general knowledge, Dance, Music/Drama competition etc. Students are encouraged to develop self-expression through debates/speech/extempore/elocution contest and particular stress is then laid on developing innovating skills amongst children.

    Taekwondo :

    Taekwondo training is a part of our regular curriculum. The school wants to inculcate self discipline and the ability to defend oneself along with physical fitness among the students. Children are encouraged to take part in the training after consent from their parents. Training is provided by qualified Taekwondo experts. Our children have won several local, regional and international awards in Taekwondo.

    Swimming Pool :

    A competition-sized swimming pool is an added feather in the cap of GURUKUL International Academy. Our swimming pool is cleaned regularly and maintained with utmost care. Also, very efficient coaches are available to train our children diligently.

    Sports and Physical Activities :

    Physical Training and Fitness is now essential for all round “Personality Development”.
    GURUKUL posses ample open space for outdoor as well as indoor recreational activities. Students are also given training in Yogic exercises, outdoors in early morning hours in pollution free environment. Students enjoy playing Volley Ball, Badminton, Foot Ball and Cricket outdoors and Chess/Carom/Ludo etc. as indoor games.